1. Interfaith Marriages Stir Mixed Feelings

-This article explores the controversy surrounding interfaith marriages, specifically within the Jewish community.

2. Lessons from a Buddhist/Jewish/Hindu/Christian Family

-Quote from article: “Being brought up in a multi-faith family has been a blessing for me. I can see the potential for confusion, frustration and resentment in an inter-religious marriage, but I can also attest to the benefits.”

3. Post Launches Project about Experiences of Interfaith Couples

-This article discusses the impetus behind the Washington Post’s decision to create ‘On Faith and Love’, a series of articles dealing with the challenges that Interfaith couples face.

4. Interfaith Marriage, Religious Orientation, and Dyadic Adjustment

-In this scholarly article, RN Patricia Fishman and Amy Prawitz discusses the findings and implications from a study they carried out, in which participants completed an 83-item online survey that dealt with religious beliefs and married life.  One of the findings from this study was that individuals in interfaith marriages actually had higher levels of dyadic consensus, meaning that, despite their differing religious beliefs, these individuals had better communication and stronger connections with their spouses than did their same-religion married peers.

5. Consistency and Importance of Jewish Identity and One’s Own or One’s Child’s Intermarriage

-This article summarizes the findings of a study conducted by J. Alan Winter, addressing whether or not Jews in interfaith marriages themselves or whose children are in interfaith marriages are able to maintain their personal Jewish identities.  Contrary to what one might expect, this study concludes that the majority of American Jews in interfaith marriages (or whose children have intermarried) still have strong, internalized Jewish identities.  That being said, the study asserts that if Jewish identity is not significant to a Jew who is in an interfaith marriage, then this identity remains less pronounced.’

6. Interfaith Marriage and Religious Commitment Among Catholics

-This article addresses the common belief that interfaith marriage, specifically among Catholics, results in a secularization of the Catholic member of a couple who married someone of a different denomination of Christianity, which in turns influences the way in which they raise their children (how much they emphasize religion in their household).  The main point that this article makes is that this common belief is, in fact, a myth; children of Catholic-Protestant marriages did not score any lower than marriages in which both parents were Catholic on measures of religiosity.

7. Parenting in a Two-Religion Household

-This article, from the interfaith series of Canadian parenting website ‘parentcentral.ca’, explores the difficulties that may arise for multifaith/interfaith households during the winter holidays.